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About Us

Eurohit is one of the nation’s leading brands in the power tools industry when it comes to durability, performance and convenience. Since its inception, Eurohit has provided an extensive range of innovative industrial equipments ranging from AC series for heavy-duty usage, C20 series for everyday usage as well as C12 series that is able to adapt in normal usage. With Eurohit, we strive to make sure that we are able to provide something for everyone. The distribution of handy products for all of our consumers isn’t the only thing we aim for with Eurohit as we are committed to delivering high quality equipment that will last. With tools being used in over Southeast Asian countries, Eurohit is dedicated to supplying a dependable chain of advanced solutions for the trades in order to maximize productivity and improve industry needs. 


To develop and manufacture innovative power tools to suit everyone's industrial and/or everyday needs at a competitive price whilst maintaining the highest quality to ensure it durability for years to come. 



To not only be on the mind of all industrial leaders when it comes to finding power tools as a solution but also on the minds of regular everyday consumers as Eurohit hopes to improve the economy as well as the qualities of lives.

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